Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AppleSauce Designs
One of a kind clothing...

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to work with two incredibly talented clothing designers, Liz and Monica of AppleSauce Designs. Their company designs & creates beautiful one of a kind clothing from vintage material and accessories. AppleSauce designs clothing is sold locally (Queen Mabs) as well as on the web at Check out their amazing collection!

I have to brag on these sweet little models for a minute...
When I woke up the morning of our photo shoot it was pouring down rain. I automatically thought "How can we possible shoot 20 dresses in this weather?" I called Liz to see if she wanted to reschedule but one of the models was going out of town that afternoon for a week. We decided that we would go ahead and try to make the best of the rain!
Well, it rained the whole shoot. I was followed around with a small children's umbrella most of the time, but was still soaked from head to toe. These little girls (and precious baby boy) were amazing. They modeled 20 outfits and kept their smiles strong! What a FUN time we had!
I think they were all rewarded with Chucky Cheese after the shoot. I am sure they took a great nap for mom and dad that afternoon!!!

It was a privilege working with you Liz and Monica. Thank you!