Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was super excited (and a little nervous) when the very talented photographer Brandon Aguire (http://http// asked me to take he and his beautiful fiancee's engagement photos a few weeks ago.
The night before I could barely sleep as thoughts were running through my head..."What if I am holding the camera wrong? What if none of them turn out? What if I say stupid things?...." but my crazy emotions were calmed very quickly in their presence. Two amazing people with hearts of gold, full of love for others and each other. I barely had to do any work. Valerie is a model, so she naturally worked it and was awesome to take photos of. And Brandon, a photographer, knows what he wants and likes in an image!
We had a great time getting to know one another a bit, laughing (at each other and ourselves:), and simply enjoying what we all love to do.
Their wedding is going to be a fabulous event next summer...purely because they are two fabulous people in LOVE!

Thanks Brandon and Valerie! You guys rock!

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